Creativibe is an established Michigan-based creative practice. We offer professional-caliber branding & positioning, website design and development, graphic design, advertising, and marketing. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company or small startup, we deliver quality that makes your company look accomplished, relevant, and more valuable to your audience.

Expect to receive professional expertise (vs a vendor who simply takes orders). Our process is strategic to first diagnose your situation, develop a solution, and then execute with great care. Delivering your unique message is about psychology and strategy – to make a genuine connection that will inspire your audience to connect, click, call, buy, or share.

Creativibe is not a good fit for those looking to self-prescribe, give orders, or get the lowest price. Sure, there are many out there that will charge less, as well they should. We deliver professional-level creative – solutions that will change the way you do business. Creativibe is a good fit for those who understand the importance of branding and the value it creates for your business.

Brett WilsonCreative Director & Principal
Brett Wilson
Creative Director

Creativibe was founded by Brett Wilson, a seasoned branding professional skilled with a unique combination of business acumen and creative talent. Brett has worked in a variety of roles doing plenty of B2B and B2C branding, positioning, creative direction, web, consulting, and marketing. Brett’s work has been awarded by national organizations and professional publications for excellence in print design, packaging, and outstanding use of theme in advertising.

Since 2006, Creativibe has worked with a variety of clients, including; University of Michigan Health System and Medical School, Henry Ford Health System, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Lycera Corp., Credit-Suisse, Service Brands International, Argent International, DENSO, ElringKlinger, Plymouth Historical Museum, GroundWork0, and NorthRidge Church, just to name a handful.

Creativibe is a smaller practice by design — an advantage to our clients for personal and direct interaction, and hands-on custom work that is crafted uniquely for each client. Nowadays many are selling cheaply-made templates as mere commodities — a one-size-fits-all model that only seems appealing because of the bargain price (usually highlighted with starbursts, exclamation points, or laced with ridiculous promises). Unfortunately, there’s not much consideration to strategy, aesthetics, or the user experience (the psychology behind it all). The reality is you get what you pay for. Strategy matters in branding – it makes all the difference in the ability to improve business or repel it.