Founded in 2006, Creativibe is an established Michigan-based creative practice that offers professional-caliber branding and positioning, strategic website design and full development, graphic design, advertising, and marketing strategy. We build brands that deliver authentic and professional experiences for our clients, that change the way they do business.

When you engage with Creativibe expect to receive professional expertise. Our process is strategic to first diagnose your situation, identify pain points, then develop a custom solution geared to improve your company’s brand. Delivering your unique message is about psychology and strategy – making a genuine connection with your audience to inspire them to connect, click, call, buy, or share.

Creativibe is not a good fit for those looking to self-prescribe, give orders, or get the lowest price. Sure, there are many out there that will, as well they should. Our promise to you is exceptional quality that will improve your business. We are a good fit for those who understand the importance of branding and the value it creates.