Seek Well

Seek Well was founded in 2017 by Tim and Kelli Shelton. For a number of years they had been inviting people into the process of listening to Jesus through weekend retreats – teaching them how to be still, how to listen to Jesus, and seek Him well in a healthy rhythm throughout their lives. Although the process of learning how to slow down and disconnect is not easy, it resonates with just about everyone nowadays in our busy culture. Creativibe became involved early on in the development of Seek Well’s initial brand identity, print collateral design, website, apparel design, book layout, signage, and more. The goal was to create aesthetically beautiful, custom-branded materials that reflect the culture and mission of Seek Well. Since the brand’s launch, Creativibe has provided ongoing support in brand strategy, creative and art direction, and design to maintain a consistent and relevant brand image for audiences as the brand grows and gains followership.

Services  Brand Collateral, Brand Consulting, Brand Identity, Identity System, Logo Design, Photography, Print Collateral, SEO, Signage, Strategy & Positioning, Website

A series of desktop and mobile wallpaper images were created as a daily reminder.

Custom artwork was developed for a line of Seek Well gear, including: t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more.

Website design

Artwork was designed for Seek Well gear: t-shirts, hats, hoodies, prints, and accessories – to help support followership and make the brand compelling. Here are several design examples that were both fun to create and popular in supporting the brand.