Logo Design

So what’s in a logo? Does it really matter what it looks like? Although the common term “branding” does not mean your logo, it is an important mark that often communicates a lot about your company. There’s numerous reasons why major brands invest millions for a strong brand image. One of the biggest reasons is to align themselves to their target audience. Makes sense, huh?

A strong and well-thought-out brand identity instantly communicates something (quality), as well as the unique characteristics of the company it represents. This gives audiences (customers) a positive experience, which then establishes credibility and trust. When a brand identity (logo + communications) does that, it makes sales easier, bigger, and more frequent.

Our clients often say that we’ve helped them articulate something they have intuitively felt, but couldn’t properly communicate. We love hearing that! Creativibe is highly skilled in creating brands that are worthy of positive response, thus creating trust among your audiences.



Simple. Styled. Enduring. This one-of-a-kind badge logo we created for Seek Well aligns the brand to their mission and purpose.



A new logo design for Edward Thomas Construction Co. embodies a classic and timeless design — bold as it is friendly and inviting, building trust among audiences.



A custom logo for Kristy Horne (realtor) was created to convey professionalism, skill, and trust to her clients.