Brand refresh for construction company

Ronnisch Construction Group hired Creativibe to help solve a problem with their existing brand identity. Although it was already established, there were weak points and inconsistencies that presented problems and weakened the brand image. The logo’s building illustration needed better attention to detail and balance to give it a more professional look and function. Through a thorough brand audit and interviews with key staff, we identified the pain points and outlined a plan of action. The project included a logo refresh to improve the visual execution of the mark so that it could perform better in various applications. A full collection of logo styles and formats were created, allowing for adaptability and flexibility for print and electronic use. A style guide was also created to identify correct branding characteristics, which unified the brand image and made the identity system design easier to manage in the future.

Services  Brand Collateral, Brand Consulting, Brand Identity, Identity System, Logo Design

We developed alternate logos with horizontal and vertical orientations for use in different applications.