The Branding Workshop

If you understand that a positive customer experience is important, but struggle to provide it to your customers, then The Branding Workshop is for you.

About the Workshop

The Branding Workshop is a learning engagement that teaches your staff the importance — and value of the customer experience. Why does it matter? Because your customers are influenced by what they see, hear, and experience. Their trust level for your company influences their buying decisions.

The workshop is facilitated by Brett Wilson, a branding professional with 20+ years experience, including plenty of B2B and B2C brand strategy and consulting.

Brett is the founder of Creativibe, and as a branding expert he has helped countless clients to up their game. Brett has served in roles varying from agency, corporate, institutional, and private business owner and has awarded work by national and regional organizations.

Brett can help if…


You want confirmation on your instincts before taking action.

You dislike hate sales but know your marketing needs help.

You’d rather do what works before blindly throwing funds into marketing.

You know a branding program is well worth the investment over time.

You’re ready to up your game and scale effectively.

You desire a brand image for your company that is worthy of positive response.

You know it’s time to polish your company before selling.


The Branding Workshop is intended for leadership, management, teams, departments, and even individuals. You’ll learn how to: unify your brand voice, communicate clearly to audiences, provide a positive customer experience, present products and services more impressively, align customers to your brand, and sharpen client engagement protocols. Through real-life examples, techniques and methods, you’ll learn how to position your company well — resulting in greater customer engagement for more clicks, calls, shares, and buys.

Brett will listen to your specific pain points, then teach you how to turn it around. You’ll gain a better understanding of being customer-focused: relevant, current, and able to meet public expectations. You’ll learn how to deliver with exceptional quality, care, style, and professionalism — from every brand touchpoint. You’ll be able to give your customers a better experience, and a great reason to like you — more!

Branding workshop benefits to improve company marketing.

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